• 92nd Street Y

    92nd Street Y

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    Pretty much anyone and everyone on the cultural radar passes through the 92nd Y in NYC.

  • Yad Vashem

    Yad Vashem

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    Containing the world's largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Holocaust education, commemoration, research and documentation. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, Yad Vashem's 45 acre campus comprises museums, exhibitions,

  • World Economic Forum

    World Economic Forum

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    The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization.It is committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.Incorporated as

  • UCSF Memory & Aging Channel

    UCSF Memory & Aging Channel

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    UCSF, one of the leading medical schools in the US, features videos that will “educate patients, caregivers and health professionals about the various forms of neurodegenerative diseases.” The diseases covered here include Alzheimer’s, F

  • TEDTalks


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    TEDTalks shares the best ideas from the TED Conference with the world, for free: trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses, all giving the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. We post a fresh TEDTalk every weekday.



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    Gives viewers extraordinary access to the people, places, stories, and ideas that are transforming our world.

  • The World Bank

    The World Bank

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    We are not a bank in the common sense. Owned by 188 member countries, we are one of the world's largest sources of development assistance, with a mission of fighting poverty with passion by helping people help themselves.Conceived in 1944 to reconstruct a

  • Library of Congress

    Library of Congress

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    Timeless treasures and contemporary presentations from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. As the world's preeminent reservoir of knowledge, we are the steward of millions of recordings dating from the earliest Edison films to the present. In addi

  • Davos: Resilient Dynamism

    Davos: Resilient Dynamism

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    For over 40 years, the mission of the World Economic Forum -- committed to improving the state of the world -- has driven the design and development of the Annual Meeting programme. The Annual Meeting remains the foremost creative force for engaging leade

  • Spangler Science TV

    Spangler Science TV

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    Videos and cool science experiments of Steve Spangler on TV.

  • The Spangler Effect

    The Spangler Effect

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    He's the science teacher you always wanted to have in school. Things just happen to fizz, pop, smoke and explode, and before you know it, you're a part of his learning experience. His passion is to find the most creative ways to make learning fun. His met

  • Steve Spangler Science Show

    Steve Spangler Science Show

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    Catch the videos produced by a teacher nationally known for making science fun.

  • Spoken Verse

    Spoken Verse

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    Roger Ebert calls it one of the richest resources on YouTube. Spoken Verse offers over 400 readings of great poems in English, from Shakespeare to today.

  • Slate V

    Slate V

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    Videos from Slate Magazine. Breaking science, tech, and politics news, plus video explainers and beyond.

  • Sixty Symbols

    Sixty Symbols

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    Curious and quirky videos describing the various symbols used in physics and astronomy. Comes out of the University of Nottingham.

  • ScienCentral


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    ScienCentral, Inc. produces science and technology content for television, video, and the web. From broadcast news features to educational products, they cover the medical, environmental, and technological issues that affect daily life.

  • Reuters TV

    Reuters TV

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    Hard-edged reporting, insight and analysis - Reuters TV creates groundbreaking news and financial videos. Showcasing Reuters' 3,000 award-winning journalists, Reuters TV delivers investigative journalism, concise explanation and high energy.

  • Richard Dawkins

    Richard Dawkins

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    The channel features talks by Richard Dawkins, the Oxford evolutionary biologist, as well as others influenced by his thought.

  • Reel NASA

    Reel NASA

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    Videos show the latest happenings at NASA and new developments in space exploration.

  • Oscars


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    The official channel of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the only place to relive favorite Oscar® moments and see exclusive interviews with the talented film professionals who comprise the Academy membership.



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    NOVA is the most-watched primetime science series on television reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. The NOVA website has been pioneering new forms of web-original content since it debuted in early 1996. NOVA's online presence amplifies the

  • National Film Board of Canada

    National Film Board of Canada

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    The National Film Board (NFB) is Canada's public film producer and distributor.We produce documentaries, animations, alternative dramas and more. We have a collection of over 13,000 films which have won more than 5000 awards, including 12 Oscars® and

  • New Scientist

    New Scientist

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    Videos and vodcasts covering science, technology, space, the environment and a whole lot more. An international team of expert journalists brings you the latest innovations and ideas in science and technology, from the wonderful to the worrying to the wei

  • National Geographic

    National Geographic

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    The collection is rich, but the videos are short. Another instance where the provider could use the medium to offer more substance/depth.

  • Monty Python Channel

    Monty Python Channel

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    Their videos have been circulating around YouTube for a while. Now, the comedians have their own channel. A good place to have a laugh.

  • MoMA


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    Since its founding in 1929, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has collected and exhibited the art of our time, focusing on Architecture and Design, Drawings, Film, Media, Painting and Sculpture, Photography, and Prints and Illustrated Books.Dedica

  • KQED


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    KQED serves the people of Northern California with a community-supported, non-profit alternative to commercial media.

  • Khan Academy - Medicine

    Khan Academy - Medicine

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  • Khan Academy Russian

    Khan Academy Russian

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  • Popular Kargin TV

    Kargin TV

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    Kargin TV Official Channel by Hayko MkoHALAL-ZULAL (Govazd)Kargin Serial 6No CommentKargin Haghordum 4Kargin Haghordum 3Kargin Haghordum 2Kargin GovazdKargin Serial 5Kargin Serial 4Kargin Serial 3Kargin Serial 2Kargin Serial 1AlabalanicaKargin MulterKargi

  • Yere1


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    Official channel of Yere1 ShowYERE1 new 8 Season ALL VIDEOEntanekan Albom HaxordasharNOSTALGIEYere1 URISH KINOBLEF ALL VIDEOYere 1 MUSIC VIDEOYere 1 ALL VIDEO

  • ARM Comedy

    ARM Comedy

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    ArmComedy - բոլոր թողարկումներըArmenian Stand-up comedyNewsՀաբ3D UpdatePSA - Սոցիալակական գովազդ